The Company

From 30 years ECS designs and produces turnkey plants for material handling and storage of several kinds of products in different industries.

ECS was established in 1988 in Carmagnola, close to Turin, thanks to the initiative and the experience of a young group of qualified engineers. The first monorail solution by ECS was patented in 1990 and then completed with customized storage systems, conveyors and special machinery applications.

Extremely reliable solutions are guaranteed by the company’s philosophy, which has always been focused on innovation and quality, so as for our know-how to be taken worldwide.

ECS is currently present all around the World in a wide range of industries at national and international level with a highly appreciated know-how.

Why choose EMS?

What is an EMS?

EMS are Self-Powered Trolleys running along an electrified rail loop.

ECS Monorail transports a wide range of products such as pallets, car bodies, bundles, coils up to small boxes and more.

Performance efficiency

Would you like to increase business performance through the optimization of the internal logistics? Our trolleys carry over 400 pallets an hour with 99% efficiency. Compared to traditional handling systems they allow to have a faster sorting of materials and a considerable time and money saving.

EMS reduces the complexity of automated systems with high requirements of production, distance, layout and additional functions.

Cost saving

EMS reduces costs because it requires low maintenance and work without operator.
It is enhanced by long lasting and energy saving features.

Customized solutions

EMS lines can be customized according to client’s needs. Narrow passages, paths among several levels and temperature changes are not a problem for our systems.

Product safety

EMS carries the goods carefully. It is clean and quiet.

Modular Investment

EMS lines can be easily incremented with extra trolleys or new lines for
new production requirements. This means that the investments can be fully

Customer care for first

We support our customers from the analysis and development stage right up to the delivery of complete and ready-to-use systems.