The Company

From over 25 years ECS designs and produces “turn-key” plants for material handling and storage of several kinds of products in different industries.

ECS was established in 1988 in Carmagnola close to Turin thanks to  the initiative and experience of a young group of qualified engineers. The first monorail solution by ECS was patented in 1990 and then completed with customized storage systems, conveyors and special machinery application.

Extremely reliable solutions are guaranteed by the company’s philosophy which has always been focused to innovation and quality so as for our know how to be taken worldwide.

We are currently present all around the World in a wide range of industries at national and international level with a highly appreciated know-how.

Why choose EMS?

What is an EMS?

EMS are Self-Powered Trolleys running along an electrified rail loop.

ECS Monorail transport a wide range of product such as Pallet, Car bodies, Bundle, Coils up to small boxes and more.

Performance efficiency

Would you like to increase business performance through the optimization of the internal logistics? Our trolleys carrying over 400 pallets an hour with efficiency of 99%. Compared to traditional handling systems they allow you a faster sorting of materials and a considerable saving in time and money.

EMS reduces the complexity of automated systems with high requirements on throughput, distance, layout and additional functions.

Cost saving

EMS reduces costs because require low maintenance and work without operator. Is enhanced by long lasting and energy saving features.

Customized solutions

EMS lines can be customized based on your needs. Narrow passages, paths on several levels, temperature changes, are not a problem for our systems.

Product safety

EMS carries the goods carefully. It is clean and quiet.

Modular Investment

EMS lines can be easily incremented with extra trolleys or new lines for
new production requirement. This means that the investment can be fully
Our experience

We support our customers from the analysis and development stage right up to the delivery of complete, ready-to-use systems

  • Automotive


    System availability is the guideline in the performance-oriented automotive sector. Our philosophy, which has always been focused to innovation and quality, guarantees extremely reliable solutions. Most of ECS’ installations take advantage from our great experience with Electrified Monorail System (EMS). ECS’ solution includes equipment such as EMS, SKID conveyors and LIFTERS and relative electrical and…

  • Distribution Center

    Distribution Center

    The experience of ECS in the field of distribution center is becoming increasingly important. In an industry where speed of response to customer needs is essential our trolleys EMS fully met the expectations of receiving and shipping goods to the customers.

  • Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    From production to temporary storage; from traditional truck delivery to automatic truck loading ECS delivers a turnkey system to satisfy food market leaders. Highlight: Free floor is given thanks to monorail running mostly on suspended structure; Energy saving lines allow to storage unnecessary EMS in order to lower the energy consumption when the production is…

  • Metals


    ECS develops projects for the movement for the metallurgical industry for over twenty years. From the Foundries plant where with EMS and conveyor lines we handle core pallets from its production to automatic storage and process lines… … to the automatic crane enabling the management of 120mt. area without personnel for aluminium industry.

  • Chemical and  Pharma

    Chemical and Pharma

    ECS systems are clean, safe and gentle. Could handle lot of different goods. Our products are customized to the needs of our clients. We can transport small items between more levels inside Hospital or pallet in different areas of a chemical company. Always insuring the integrity and the tracking of your products.

  • Other applications

    Other applications

    ECS is proud to carry out ongoing research and development of new products. Customers looking at ECS will find highly customized and technological products. The experience gained over the years in various sectors of activity allows us to develop the finest solutions.




ECS can realize 3D dynamic simulations with Automod program, analyzing flows and layout during the engineering phase.


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3D engineering is extensively used to verify our installations.

Latest 3D applications, Finite Element Analysis ensure the utmost compliance of the design.




The manufacturing includes continual inspections and certified quality control with our customer.

Our productions are always installed, tested and validated at ECS’ premises before being delivered.



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The experience gained at worldwide level ensures our ability to organize material and resources at their best. Training and teamwork in line with our customers are the key points for successful installations.



Ensure long-term reliability of your investment with scheduled technical support consisting of annual Maintenance contracts, Help Desk and a quick Service for spare parts.



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Through the use of SCADA software we make, directly from our head office, a complete and real-time diagnostic of: hour of funcioning; Mileage; Status of sensors; Missions list and during course;  Maintenance alarm; Supervision both on the site and from remote